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Soul Sessions: A Journey with Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nicholls

hello soul. hello business (e-course)– It’s official I have signed up for my first e-course with Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nicholls called the business “soul sessions.” Have you ever not met someone in person but feel like there might be a soul connection between you and someone on the internet by just studying and reading what they share on their blog or in their products? If you say yes you will understand this sentence. I may have just signed up to meet my soul sisters!

Connecting with people online. I am amazed that reading blogs and social media can connect people in a more emotional and interesting way than some of our normal the day to day human relationships – kind of weird and scary at the same time, right? There are very few people I connect with in a way that perhaps it has me thinking, “did my parents give some kids away” (I am totally joking here). Maybe since I am an only child I have those fantasies of having other siblings out there somewhere – I digress please don’t judge.

Why did I sign up for the course? I really wasn’t looking for new friends or sisters but I have been reading a lot and studying a lot and listening to many webinars and I am drawn to this newer way of authentic marketing. Some call it new paradigm marketing or heart-centered business. Quite frankly, some of those people scare me – because I am just not into some of the woo-woo stuff. What I do want is to connect with people who are authentic, genuine, truth seekers, optimist, care about their values and morals etc. I want to own my voice while helping others through my work. I do this but I am searching for a deeper level of authenticity and being true to myself while helping others.

Hello soul. Hello Business. Moving away from a more traditional business model to a business that generates profit while nuturing your soul model is appealing. I can’t wait to go beyond Flying Lessons and dive deeper learning more about their model for keeping your soul and business intact while loving on your clients in a way that doesn’t scare people or make them think I am nuts. You might be saying I get it or she’s nuts anyway but either way I am so excited for January 16, 2012 to roll around to start. I really think this course will be a game-changer.

hello 2012 – I have already started to revise and update my business this year with the new website, blog and other projects I have in the works to prepare for 2012. I am really over-the-moon excited and looking forward to continuing the renewal of my creative business participating in this e-course. It is perfect timing really for some soul searching.

I will blog about my journey but don’t forget to click the blue button below to join me on facebook.

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  1. Oh my gosh! I signed up for both Creating fame with Laura Roeder AND Hello Soul, Hello Business with Kelly Rae and Beth Nicholls.


    I am a HUGE fan of both Kelly Rae and Beth Nicholls. I took Flying Lessons with Kelly Rae and Do what you love with Beth Nicholls and met both of them about a month ago. They are what you think they are –

    I look forward to getting to know you and support you as we both grow our businesses in authenticity and with heart.


  2. Oh wow! I am so glad you stopped by the website. I can’t believe we are both signed up for the same two courses! I wonder if we are the only two?

    I am so excited to do both Creating Fame and Hello Soul Hello Business with you. I am so glad you got to meet Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nicholls. I have been skeptical and cautious making decisions to take e-courses. I am glad to hear they are the REAL deal! I think we will find Laura to be the same.

    Cheers – here’s to new growth and support in our business endeavors. It so nice to connect with people and share the journey.


  3. I suggest adding a “google+” button for the blog!

  4. Thank you for your suggestion. I don’t know if you just missed the plus button but there is a google + button at the end of each blog post and also at the bottom of each page of our website in the bar at the bottom of the page. Also, there is a plus one for the the blog post summary page. Maybe you can be more specific how I can help my readers? Thanks – Andrea

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