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My first vlog: Creatively Professional

In this video I am going to say the word “inject” way too many times and I am also going to look washed out and a there is too much contrast in my lighting. I ask humbly for forgiveness, I am practicing a little imperfect action here because I am learning all the technical aspects about video I will correct it in the next one.

This is a video response to common discussions I have with service based business owners about whether or not it is okay to be more personable in your branding efforts.

Can your graphic design support your brand by providing both a creative and professional presence, a creative professional business with soul?

This question often arises when you have a several things you offer and you are trying to separate them into different businesses but really they are all part of you and the people you provide them too are really a similar audience or often the same target audience.

Hello, Andrea Robinson here from AT Design & Illustration. I want to talk to you today about allowing yourself to inject a bit of your personality and creativity into your professional presence. That means injecting it into your print materials, blog, website, online presence that reaches your people, your fans, your tribe what ever you want to call it. Your target audience is what I like to call it because you are tyring to reach out to these people to bring a little bit of you to them through your services and products. You are bringing them an idea.

Do you really have to remove personality and flavor? DO you have to remove a little bit of your essence, of who you are? Do you have to tamper that down? Do you have to stifle that out? I believe that you do not! You really have to relax as a small business owner and know that it is okay to give a voice a personal voice to your goals, business marketing, your graphic choices everything that you decide to do in order to market and get the word out about your business products and services.

You also do not need to model corporate America necessarily for the look and feel of their brand. But you also don’t need to feel like you need to model and artist, for instance, someone who is a painter or a writer. Maybe you are those things, and you want to inject a little bit of personality into your business and you’re afraid and you let fear keep you from injecting that creative passion into your professional presence. It’s okay, please do it.

The goal is not to be the same. We are all different we are all unique and that is what will really draw in your fans, your people, your tribe, and your audience into your business. So take a look online at a couple of people who you feel are injecting their personality. Take a look and study and think about how are they injecting their personality? Is it how they dress, is it what they say, is it their visual body language in a video, is it the colors on their website, is it the description and meaning in their tag lines and in their advertisements. The complete package.

Don’t be afraid to be creative. Being professional does not mean boring corporate suite, not all the time. It does not have to take on that meaning. Even boring corporate suites are now taking the leap and inserting their personality into their marketing. We do not have to sacrifice our creative business soul in order to make a living – to sell a product – to sell a service.

So, make a list. I challenge you, look at a couple of people and see how they are injecting their personality into their business. Then think about how you would like to do the same to authentically attract and draw in your people, your tribe. If you like this video please like it and if you want to add to my conversation please leave a comment below. Let’s chat about it!

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