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How to get client attention for small business

How to get clients attention | Attitude of Gratitude

Do you wonder how to get clients attention?

Have you ever heard the phrase “gratitude is an attitude”? What IF every day you start your morning, you wake up and before your feet hit the floor your mind shifts and your heart is filled with gratitude. You might be thankful for the warm blanket and cozy bed you just lifted your tired body from or your hot clean water to take a shower in. Do you really make mindful thankful acknowledgements for the simple and complex things and people in your life?

What would your day look like if every morning you personally worked at increasing your gratitude?

How to get clients attention

How would filling your mind with thoughts that allowed your heart to be thankful change your personal and work life? I am not perfect at this practice but I do try to take the time to meditate on this idea. I try to inject joy when and where possible. When I do seek out this attitude, before I slip from those warm blankets in the morning, my mindset usually will carry me throughout my day and spill over into my business interactions. Who doesn’t want to be around a positive person? I know I do and I want my customers to benefit from a spark of joy in my positive attitude as well.

Running a small business can feel complex and overwhelming when trying to find a way to gain visual attention. We often forget and simply overlook ways to get customer attention. Yes, I know you might be thinking this is a “pie in the sky” kind notion smack dab in a world where social media rules and digital information is fast and cheap.

I am going to tell you how to get clients attention.

Pull out your professional stationery that might be collecting dust in a closet. Pick up your favorite pen & ink and hand write them a beautiful, authentic expression on custom designed or custom branded stationery. Yes, to some this will fell old school, foreign, too conservative and seem like a time waster. Give it a go, I promise your clients will almost immediately thank you with a phone call or email to share gratitude for your note. They will gush about how thoughtful you are and how you manage to embrace them with the small gift of time to make a thoughtful impression.

Try it – it is powerful.

I have been on the receiving end such notes from clients and colleagues and they always make me fill a deeper connection of joy. Sharing your thoughts by writing your words of support, a compliment or a quick heart centered thank you really connects you to your customer on a deeper heart centered level.

I have made the practice of note writing a regular part of my communication self-promotion strategy.

Will you?


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