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I Thought Designer Briefs Were Underwear?

I Thought Designer Briefs Were Underwear?

Bad jokes aside, designer briefs is a tool, a Q & A session, that graphic designers use to dig deep and truly get to know your business, the perceptions you have of your own business, your goals and the customers you are trying to reach. A brief simply informs your designer. The questioning continues until the designer is comfortable enough to walk away from the information and do some research. He or she will want to get really specific about your customer and dig deep into the mind of your customer. It is not enough to guess or be intuitive because you might be wrong. What you think and what your customers think quite honestly may not be in alignment.

A good brief is full of information.

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Graphic designers need your business insights to uncover problems. This process is often referred to as the discovery phase in designer briefs.

This is not the time to worry about what you think you want or worry with the look and feel aspect (unless you really have some solid insight and information into the mind of the customer you are seeking out attention from). While we all want things to be beautifully designed it is not the first step. The brief is the first step outlining details such as business mission, intention, purpose, goals, who buys your stuff and more. A designers purpose is to help you (the client) hear your problems and come up with viable solutions. I am only scratching the surface here.

You will also be discussing branding concerns such as keeping alignment with your brand values, positive associations, personality, audience appeal. These attributes are fundamental to determining the direction of the business including the final visual graphic design. The goal is to bring complete or as near complete clarity of what you do, your product does or what is unique about it.

Have you ever wondered why your designer didn’t get it right?

Perhaps you should look at your design brief. Did you have one? Did they ask questions? Did they dig deep into your why and who? If you want the best result it is my opinion that brilliant soulful designers care to ask the right questions. They care about your customer and their growth and success. It is an honor to help a business launch a visual identity.

Have you worked with a designer before? Have you experienced a positive experience with your designer or are you still searching for the right one? I would love to hear your thoughts. You might also like this post on brand or logo.

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