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How Designers Entertain Themselves

How Designers Entertain Themselves

La Photocabine might be old news for some but it sure is fun entertainment for right brained business people such as myself. People need creative breaks while doing left brain work. Have some fun with and for 2 minutes of fun to relax your professional left brain. Designers spend a lot of time using both the left and right brain and this fun social site does not disappoint.

You might be thinking, those silly graphic designers…

As a right brained enphotobooth sillinesstrepreneur I find this activity fosters my ability to re-focus through the process of relaxation and allowing space into my mind. A mental break if you will. That is the moment in which ideas sneak in. Sort of like when people say they get ideas in the shower? Also, it is always good to be able to laugh at yourself and quite frankly allowing laughter into your body and out into the room allows me as a creative person to expand. I am always open to comedy and laughter. What do you do that is silly allowing creativity to flow out?

Images Via: [La Photocabine]

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