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hands make an origami alphabet letter

Sponsored by the letter A for AT Design or Andrea

Today’s blog post is sponsored by the letter A! In celebration of the official new {Creative Spire} that goes out to the private e-list I bring you something creative and fun. Sign up now you won’t want to miss the first issue it launches this week when I talk about is the printed business card dead?

But today I bring you the letter “A” for Andrea or AT Design & Illustration.

Creativity is the highest peak (spire) of my work with clients. This is why I named my newsletter the {Creative Spire} I will be sharing the brightest insights, inspiration mixed with practical visual branding business strategy. I will be talking about many different things (related to creativity, design & branding). Pixels and paper are important to your visual branding. You are either using images as pixels on mobile devices or computer or pixels on paper to create emotional connection through texture and touch.

Paper is selected for your business cards, letterhead, envelopes, your direct mail pieces, your packaging…and so much more and I will talk about maximizing value with your printed marketing pieces. I will also talk about printer and press related issues. Today I bring you paper turned into something functional the art of creating an Origami A.

Video and Image Credit Via: [JoNakashmia]

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