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Redbox Branding Inspires Customer Kindness

Do you ever have a day where you are looking for kindness no matter where it comes from or how small it is in monetary value? One Redbox customer was surprised when they were greeted with a random act of kindness – microwave popcorn to go with their movie.

Redbox Branding Inspires Customer Kindness

free popcorn on a redboxI have been a fan of the Redbox company since the beginning. They really took a simple idea and implemented it to the max and have been able to scale and grow their business at mind blowing speed. I digress into the study of their business model. Okay but if you are a customer you know they are kind to their customers. You see if you subscribe to Redbox’s email list they give and give and give. Simple as that you will find that they give more often than I think they get from me. If I went to my budget to see how much money I have spent at the Redbox in comparison to the free movie rentals and discount codes they give I am sure I will still feel like I am the winner.

You see, these discounts are quite simply an act of branding by implementing and inspiring brand loyalty using current day mobile phone technology and social media. Today one Redbox customer decided to do a random act of kindness by leaving a bag of Orvil Redenbackers microwave popcorn taped to the front of the Redbox kiosk. Then another customer became the receiver to the gift. The person who received it photographed it and shared the kindness socially. Guess what, Redbox noticed and shared the act of kindness on their facebook page this morning to their fan base. Here is a screen capture of how in the first hour Redbox lovers are commenting and engaging with the brand.

What can you do today that gives back to your customers to inspire brand loyalty today?

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