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A Visual Brand Specialists Heartfelt Rant

A Visual Brand Specialists Heartfelt Rant

I feel late to the party on getting to know Jennifer Louden’s work. I first was introduced to her in an e-course with hundreds of artist business people through an interview with Kelly Rae Roberts. Strangely, I didn’t connect with her immediately. I have been watching and reading her stuff. Today is THE day for me that she hit on a topic that I 100% agree with her opinions on — it inspired this post.

 Her email said this…

“We live in a society of answers, of experts, advice columns, and makeover shows. Even the stupid reality shows have panels of experts — many of whom have not earned the right to tell anybody how to wipe their nose, let alone live their lives.”

Then she goes on to say…

“Someone does know a particular something better than you — like how to bake a three-layer molten coconut chocolate cake or how to talk to a teenager or how to fly a jumbo jet — but nobody else on the planet knows how to live your life or make your choices better than you. (Although one or two people may, indeed, think they do.)”

What does this have to do with design, visual branding or creative direction?

After 12 years in business as a visual brand specialists, I have realized that many of new clients in the past six months have come by way on them having horribly negative experience with other provider(s). The main complaints I hear are lots of people have creative ideas but no drive to finish or bring them to life. Or the creative team thought their way was the only “right” way.  Then there is the kicker complaint of creatives saying they listen and then simply ignoring the clients input (aka not listening). There is always the complaint of agencies billing surprises and the occasional surprise here is another bill for $400 or maybe $2500.

They have literally broken the trust and respect caring professionals have worked to build. The visual communicators are truly harmed by those who do NOT listen to their clients, break their trust and treat them with disrespect. I often feel as though I fill the role of design or creative therapists (sort of) taking on the task to rebuild trust that results driven work is possible if they can trust again – and they do. Really, I don’t mind and I am always inspired by challenge. But let me be clear 9 x’s out of 10…

YOU know yourself and your business better than anyone else.

This is the main point that I truly do not understand. You know your business and how to do your thing better than any one else. So when you hire a consultant make sure you look for someone who is going to not only listen but also lifts the project above your expectations.

Also, look at their track record can complete your projects in a timely but thoughtful manner? Or at the very least do they communicate and set expectations up front even if they tell you no I can’t turn it in 24 hours.  True masters, not only know how to deliver the goods but also know how to build trust and mutual respect within their process too.

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