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How important is blogging for brand development?

I was over on LinkedIn and someone asked the question, “How important is blogging for brand development?” I have an answer for you on that topic today. Business blogging has become a common tool for building business, building reputation and authority, and building brand perception for several reasons. Blogging allows businesses to demonstrate their knowledge, their internal business culture and values to the public through contributing quality information and education content to the public. Blogging as a branding exercise is excellent for changing the way people think about your business for several reasons.

1. Authority is showing you don’t just talk the talk but you perform as well. Blogging is a natural platform to allow you to use creative writing and conversational writing to express your knowledge and expertise. As you begin to build up content and posts online you build an audience and clients who want to hire you because you are the “go to” business, professional or product to buy or hire (depending on your business). I will tell you that building authority does take time and consistency is what helps build an audience.

brand developement blogging content2. Brand development through blogging is an opportunity to show what your business is like, introduce employees, staff or team to potential clients. You can also share what is important to your company your goals, mission or vision over time and also supporting your goals with action. This is where the visual part of blogs can really bring power to your audience. For example you team participates in a charity event that helps children with special needs. You can talk about why you participate in that charity and share photos of the team at the event

3. Giving and sharing some valuable and educational content or products presents goodwill to the new audience you are building. You goal is to create useful information or digital stuff that your audience wants from you and they will want to share it with their audience and so the growth begins. It’s like a referral system but your content has to be good enough for people to want to share it with their people.

4. Blogging is good for SEO (search engine optimization) and creating links back to your website from other websites. These are called link backs a term used to show the connection. This is all technical stuff but it does matter and helps build your online presence and business.

5. Conversation can be a chance to network online. When you open up your blog for comments you are allowing people to talk to you or ask questions about the topic you presented. This is good because you can then engage the people reading your blog even if they are not clients or never will be having these connections have other indirect benefits.

Building a brand is ultimately about delivering the messages that you intentionally want your customers to receive. A blog is a tool that allows you to consistently achieve this using your own website domain. This is important for business people to understand. Hosting your own blog or weblog allows you to retain control over traffic and the rights to your own content. Blogging allows you to build a community attracted to the brand messages you share with the public.

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Andrea Robinson Graphic DesignAbout the Author – Andrea Robinson is an illustrative graphic designer who believes success is largely defined and attained by following your vision, doing work you love and working with people you enjoy. She is known for her superpower to move calmly through crisis while helping others. You will also find her writing about all things design and branding for fellow Geeks at Bit Rebels blog.

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