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Storytelling Using Images [Infographic]

We know that info graphics were popular in 2012 and I don’t think they are going away any time soon because storytelling using images [Infographic] highlights the power of adding an image. I think this is a good thing and not because I am a designer and branding specialist but because people learn in different ways. I am a visual learner too. Beyond the learning aspect of supporting your facts and opinions with images, illustrations and graphics to make them memorable is the trust factor in business.

If you are selling anything a service or a product people have to trust you, believe you and possibly like you before they will buy what you are selling. Derek Halpern over at Social Triggers has a great video about a study done by (Aaron J. Newman PhD) that showed evidence that if you want to increase trust and believability when you add images. Derek mentions that a persuasive litigator attorney pointed out to him that this same method of adding an image next to a statement could influence a jury. When I started to think about my law firm clients using images in litigation that sheds a powerful light on how images affect our decisions. So not only do images teach and inform they also increase your perception of trust to your potential customers. One word of caution and advice is to use correct and accurate information before you dive into illustration of those facts and examples. Please and thank you.

Infographic Courtesy of: Socialeyezer

Andrea Robinson Graphic DesignAbout the Author – Andrea Robinson is an illustrative graphic designer who believes success is largely defined and attained by following your vision, doing work you love and working with people you enjoy. She is known for her superpower to move calmly through crisis while helping others. You will also find her writing about all things design and branding for fellow Geeks at Bit Rebels blog.

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