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3 Tips: Add generosity into your business model

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When starting a business we tend to prioritize our #1 focus on finding clients and generating revenue – not how to add generosity into your business model. Duh – right?

What if your generosity in business lead to greater gains both professionally and personally while also helping other people?

In 2000, I had to implement this process because not having a system crushed my spirit for awhile. It has been my experience that businesses at every level have room for generosity. It’s a matter of whether or not they choose to embrace it.

Your business can be both profitable and caring. So let’s dig into my 3 tips on how to add generosity into your business model.

Generosity Tip #1 – Work on customer service.


Generosity for business can be as simple as implementing better customer service. How you interact with your customers before and after the sale. If you sell anything a perfect example of generosity is in your return policy. Is your return policy so strict that people are afraid to purchase or does it build trust and credibility?

A great example from a business friend is that she would have an initial free phone consult. But after the meeting a recap email would go out with all the actionable items discussed in the meeting, additional resources with links and a note of encouragement and celebration on successes. This extra step took additional time but added so much value. Truly it was generous and caring all in one simple follow up email. Do you generously follow up with clients with value?

Generosity Tip #2 – Over deliver value to your customers.


I know an artist that creates mini paintings she turns into thank you notes following a high value purchase of art. The mini-paintings are so good they are like a gift of their own and can be framed. Another artist secretly sends something special to businesses who have purchased an online course. I have seen this replicated from sticker to journal at very different budgets. Really it’s all about the thoughtfulness. There is an online marketer that shares books she loves with entrepreneurs that are at a different path in their business journey.

Generosity Tip #3 – Listen to people. Hear them and act accordingly.


There are people around us everywhere that want to be heard, helped and recognized. In a world of social noise and less living outside of our homes, offices and intrusion of our mobile and internet devices people really need people more than ever. The act you choose as your contribution doesn’t need to be mountainous but your but your generosity will be monumental. You may or may not ever be aware of the actual impact. Be careful though and make your generosity effort genuine. Every offering of generosity big or small matters.

Dig Deeper: Take 20 minutes to define your focus, strategy and plan.


Take two minutes and ask yourself how do I define generosity? And if you are wondering if this will work for your business – it works the same for all types of businesses large or small. Your perception of what being generous means for you is key to how you will answer the question in the next step.

Why do you desire to be generous? I know what my answer what is yours?


Seriously, really think about why you want to be generous. Do you express love for people through empathy? Are you directly affected by a certain issue in life so you give money or energy in that direction? Do you generally care about people, the world, or your environment issues? Are you generous because you feel guilty, seek gain, selfishness or are compassionate?

Now realistically, define what is available in your business to share it’s one of two things time or money. Be specific for example I can share $1 from every product I sell. I can share a percentage of sales from my book. I can create a (insert thing – art, craft, good) and donate it to an auction where the proceeds are shared. You get the idea. Or maybe you have time for listening to and sharing wisdom become a mentor. Maybe you care about seniors in society and you spend time advocating on their behalf. You can really hone in and focus on something specific here.

Maybe you are thinking it’s complicated. Don’t make it complicated choose what is right for your business. It’s a choice you know, we are all on budgets and are busy as heck. You choose what to make space for in your business. Generosity is a choice.

Create a short list of rules or guidelines in place for your business.


You don’t need to show these to the world but create a list of things that matter to you. Set boundaries for how, who and when you will be generous. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Will it be a percentage of dollars?
  • Will you limit the number of charities you support?
  • Will you rotate causes annually?
  • Will your donation be a set hours of time or service? Mabye both?
  • When will monitory gifts be given?

Use specific numbers that are measurable and accountable. Start small, no gift is too small – generosity is accepted at every increment. Now that you have set some rules for your generosity plan leave a comment below and tell me how you implement generosity into your business model? I can’t wait to hear.

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Andrea Robinson Graphic DesignAbout the Author – Andrea Robinson is an illustrative graphic designer focused on visual branding and marking. She believes success is largely defined and attained by following your vision, doing work you love and working with people you enjoy. She is known for her superpower to move calmly through crisis while helping others. She is also regular contributor to the BitRebels news site.