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3 Tips: Add generosity into your business model

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When starting a business we tend to prioritize our #1 focus on finding clients and generating revenue – not how to add generosity into your business model. Duh – right?

What if your generosity in business lead to greater gains both professionally and personally while also helping other people?

In 2000, I had to implement this process because not having a system crushed my spirit for awhile. It has been my experience that businesses at every level have room for generosity. It’s a matter of whether or not they choose to embrace it.

Your business can be both profitable and caring. So let’s dig into my 3 tips on how to add generosity into your business model. Read more…

How to get client attention for small business

Do you wonder how to get clients attention?

Have you ever heard the phrase “gratitude is an attitude”? What IF every day you start your morning, you wake up and before your feet hit the floor your mind shifts and your heart is filled with gratitude. You might be thankful for the warm blanket and cozy bed you just lifted Read more…

soul sessions hair down

hello soul. hello business (e-course)– It’s official I have signed up for my first e-course with Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nicholls called the business “soul sessions.” Have you ever not met someone in person but feel like there might be a soul connection between you and someone on the internet by just studying and reading what they share on their blog or in their products? If you say yes you will understand this sentence. I may have just signed up to meet my soul sisters! Read more…