Packages and services created for you.

Brand Vitality & Integration Sessions

You know you need a brand and a website to build your business. You think you might need a logo or maybe you don’t need one until your web designer asks you for one. Ugh it get’s so overwhelming fast doesn’t it? What about social media marketing and facebook advertising, blogging and the list goes on? Where to begin and where to trim the fluff?

Maybe you have been down this road before with consultants, an agency or a freelancer (and had a bad experience). Maybe it’s just all too overwhelming and confusing so you do nothing most of the time or the bare minimum. I completely empathize with your dilemma.

You see brands are not logos and logos don’t build a brand. I believe it is through thoughtful strategy, planning and consistent implementation of your unique strategy that supports a fully integrated brand experience for your customers or potential clients.

Here’s a tip. Building a business such as building an experience through design is a journey. Visual design, brand building and business creation is an evolutionary process not linear. We all start where we are and evolve. So breathe easy that what you aim to create now will be a journey.

If you are ready to build your vision start here by evaluating which three packages will best fit your desires and needs at this time.

I am here to help you

My process is based around developing a relationship with you and your business. Getting to know more about your problems, difficulties, challenges, successes, hopes, dreams, desires, and goals. This is the best part of my job!

I believe people matter and in fact that sets me a part from the crowd of creative thinkers and design strategist. I am intuitive, a listener and excellent at transforming your ideas and vibe into tangible professional visual branded digital or physical deliverables that support the goals of your marketing.

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I believe discovering and uncovering why you do what you do to be key in your brand principles

This is a process that I have used for 13+ years to inform business visual identity creation. This is where I get to know you and your business more closely and yes, you more intimately.

I will listen to your thoughts. I will ask lots of questions. I will take a few moments to think about what you just said. I will take notes that then I turn into an informal brief.

This is a phase where it is vitally important that you know who your customers are or work toward getting to know them so that we can steer your ship in a positive course of visual action and influencing your brand perception and setting the tone for brand direction.

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Are you ready to solve a business problem with design?

Below I have listed a few more service offerings that I currently provide. There is a wait list on a first come first serve basis.

Please contact me to save your spot in line.

Logo Design

Business identity – explaining your work can be difficult. Do people recognize your business, your work, your visual brand identity when you are not in front of them physically? Standing out from the crowd is easy when you design visual marks that support your vision. Design is best used to solve a problem. Brand recognition is important. I offer identity design, custom typography and visual brand guides starting at $800+

Design Time In A Package

Complete Branding Package starts at $1,800 and includes for example business cards up to 12 employees, letterhead, second sheets, brand note cards, note pads, matching envelopes, labels, e-mail signatures, twitter background, and facebook timeline cover graphic. Substitutions and variations can be made based on needs. 

Email me to learn more or schedule a 15 minute chat.

Website Design

I have discontinued done-for-you website design services for my private clients. I do still offer art direction, graphic design support for fully integrated visuals, identity guides, and coaching you on consistent brand integration in your marketing efforts.

I am happy to connect you to a few awesome coders and programmers to fix code or help you with complicated databases and shopping cart e-commerce website design. Email me.

Illustration Creative Services

Custom projects can be individual and unique that it is truly best that you contact me directly about your project. Illustrative Design projects start at $300.


Insight into my design process

How much do I charge

Once we connect to see if there is a positive connection between how I work and your team I will share a written quote/proposal uniquely to address your business needs. I will include standard policies AT Design & Illustration has such as rounds of revisions, how many concepts are included, deadlines, timelines, proofing process and more. Once a relationship is established, contract signed and initial required deposits made. We get to work!

Creation and studio time

This is where the real right-brained work begins. This is the concept development phase or where I take action in the studio to turn your visuals into tangible brand graphics that turn the heads of your desired customers or current clients. This is where my talents and skill of translating your ideas mixed with design expertise of what you really need merge into one to be presented to you.

Refining your visual message

I will present you with the concept(s) as arranged in your contract and I will explain the thought process behind the work. This is the perfect time where you give me lots of feedback such as ‘I love it’ or ‘I hate it’ maybe even an ‘our customers are going to be impressed with our professional image’ comment. Trust me I can take it, positive and negative equally, I survived the traditional art critiques in school for three years. I am ready for your feedback and after getting to know your customers armed with rebuttal to keep you on track. I am always flexible and I am a believer in that good business owners have done their homework and paid attention to their customer so they do know their own customers needs. It is never “my way or the highway” at AT Design & Illustration.

Delivering visuals that connect with your audience

Upon final approval of your design(s) I will then create the final artwork and prepare logos on disk, digital PDF or print ready files delivered to print vendors. I also specialize in print, paper specification, special print processes and broker printing for select clients to achieve the best final product at the right budget, quality and timeliness.

If you have made it this far reading you deserve to know my pricing is competitive for the online marketplace. Here are some prices to get you started thinking about your budget. I am very budget friendly and every project receives a price quote estimate for each client in writing.

Visual & Business Branding Mentoring

My new brand mentoring sessions are in beta now.

Interested in a personal brand crit session? Email me.