Hello. Welcome to my online office. Since 2001, I've designed logos and visual branding for individuals,
small businesses, and in-house marketing teams. I invite you to read my BLOG, view my PORTFOLIO or
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Client Work

Here are a few samples of work. When you select one it will take you directly into the portfolio. If you would like to see all of the categories at a glance use the top menu button "portfolio". It is located in the top right hand corner of this page.

If you have a project in mind and do not see examples please contact me. This portfolio is a small portion of work I have created for clients since 2001.

Thank you for browsing!

  • Andrea Robinson Illustrator

    Custom Illustration Projects

    Generally I work with small businesses on a long term basis branding and marketing their company. But sometimes […]

  • Restaurant & Retail

    Restaurant & Retail

    I have worked with Mamadou Savané since he launched his first business on Victory Avenue. Since then he […]

  • Creative Freelance

    Creative Freelance

    I am listed with Advance Auto Parts freelance designers. This is a project that I worked with the […]

  • Dr. Stephanie Huddleston

    Service Provider Logos

    The majority of my logo design work begins with helping business service provider’s craft their visual brand identity. […]

  • The Brides Assistant Wedding

    Weddings & Calligraphy

    My clients are actually wedding and event planners not the brides individually. It takes a village to plan […]

  • Savane Silver

    Packaging & Brochures

    When you have an physical product to sell you often have to wrap it up as a gift […]

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Since we can not escape that customer "perception is reality" taking a visual audit of your brand and marketing visuals is a good place to start.

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