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3 Tips: Add generosity into your business model

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When starting a business we tend to prioritize our #1 focus on finding clients and generating revenue – not how to add generosity into your business model. Duh – right?

What if your generosity in business lead to greater gains both professionally and personally while also helping other people?

In 2000, I had to implement this process because not having a system crushed my spirit for awhile. It has been my experience that businesses at every level have room for generosity. It’s a matter of whether or not they choose to embrace it.

Your business can be both profitable and caring. So let’s dig into my 3 tips on how to add generosity into your business model. Read more…

blogging for brand development

I was over on LinkedIn and someone asked the question, “How important is blogging for brand development?” I have an answer for you on that topic today. Business blogging has become a common tool for building business, building reputation and authority, and building brand perception for several reasons. Blogging allows businesses to demonstrate their knowledge, their internal business culture and values to the public through contributing quality information and education content to the public. Blogging as a branding exercise is excellent for changing the way people think about your business for several reasons. Read more…

storytelling using infographic images

We know that info graphics were popular in 2012 and I don’t think they are going away any time soon because storytelling using images [Infographic] highlights the power of adding an image. I think this is a good thing and not because I am a designer and branding specialist but because people learn in different ways. I am a visual learner too. Beyond the learning aspect of supporting your facts and opinions with images, illustrations and graphics to make them memorable is the trust factor in business. Read more…

logo design makeover identity

Small Business: Visually Dressing for Success

Mornings can sometimes prove challenging. When getting dressed for the day, you may try on five different outfits or four different ties and re-style your hair all because you do not feel comfortable with your image. You do not feel confident with your appearance. Something is missing. We all want to look good and radiate happiness and confidence, when our minds will let us, right? Read more…